Nevada has amazing landscapes. But when people think of Nevada, they think about the glitter and glitz it has to offer. Nevada is a beautiful state that has lots of scopes for outdoor activities. Here are the top tourist attractions of Nevada.

Las Vegas

It is considered to be the best city for entertainment. There are massive resorts, theaters, hotels, and restaurants. The Strip is the center part of the Las Vegas Boulevard from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Treasure Island Hotel. Lots of visitors come to this place every year. If you see from space, you will see that this Strip is the brightest spot on earth.

Hoover Dam

This was built during the Great Depression to provide jobs. It is a symbol of great engineering work. But many people died while it was constructed. It is a 45-minute drive from Las Vegas. It contains Lake <ead which is the largest reservoir in the U.S.

Lake Tahoe

It is situated high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You will see clear blue water surrounded by huge mountains. The lake is 22 miles long and is the second deepest lake in the US. It is a great place for fishing, boating, mountain biking, water skiing, etc.

Lake Mead

The best way to observe the beauty of this lake is by riding on a boat. You can view wildlife from here. It measures 112 miles long and is the biggest reservoir in the US.

The Valley of Fire

It is the oldest park in Nevada. It has more than 42,000 acres of sandstone formations that are formed from huge sand dunes that solidified here during the period of the dinosaurs about 150 million years ago. It is a perfect place for hiking and wildlife viewing.

If you go to Nevada, then you must visit these places. Millions of visitors come here every year. These places are great for various outdoor activities, and you will have a great time.